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  • Complete Vehicle Testing and Assessment

    2016-12-14 12:31:00

    The company is equipped with a motor vehicle integ...

  • Components and Parts Test and Evaluation

    2016-12-22 06:55:00

    There are professional laboratories of body, frame...

  • Energy Saving and Emission Test Evaluation

    2016-12-22 06:58:00

    Test laboratories including emission environment s...

  • Crash Safety Test and Evaluation

    2016-12-22 07:00:00

    Perform tests for passenger vehicles and commercia。。。

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Test and Evaluation

    2016-12-22 07:02:00

    The Electromagnetic Compatibility Inspection Depar...

  • Management of Automobile Proving Ground

    2017-01-02 07:02:00

    CAERI established the wholly-owned subsidiary Chon...

  • Suzhou CAERI Automotive Test Research Co., Ltd.

    2016-12-22 07:05:00

    Suzhou CAERI Automotive Test Research Co。, Ltd。 is。。。

  • CAERI Zhejiang Branch

    2016-12-22 07:09:00

    CAERI Zhejiang Branch is a branch set up in Zhejia...

  • Guangdong Automotive Test Center Co., Ltd.

    2016-12-22 07:11:00

    Guangdong Automotive Test Center Co., Ltd. was fou...

  • Tianjin Branch

    2016-12-22 07:13:00

    The Tianjin Branch has the ability to test importe...


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